Friday, July 15, 2011

East Africa Day 61 (Wed July 13): Moving into my first Nairobi Apartment!

A private hire coordinated by the hostel picked me and my stuff up in the AM, and dropped me off at the apartment complex.

My complex is in central Nairobi, on a very safe block. However there is a high wall surrounding the property with many rows of electric fencing on top of the wall, and usually three security guards on duty at all times, at the closed compound gate. Very safe!

The apartment has three bedrooms. Max and his girlfriend Jackie, an empty room, and then I took over the room that Ashley is vacating. She’s on vacation with her parents right now, but will be back on Saturday to pick up her stuff, before flying back to the USA. I hope that I get to meet her and thank her in person!

I have my own bathroom with a modern bathtub, the apartment has a deck overlooking the backyard and large in-ground pool, maid service every day but Sunday, wireless internet and cable TV (not that I know what to do with a TV anymore.)

Max is Austrian, and works at the World Bank. Jackie is Kenyan and is headed to Austria in the fall to attend law school. They’re really, really nice. They said that their past roommates have been Americans here for short stays, working for the CDC in Nairobi. Ashley, for example is a MPH student at Emory (just like Lucy, who introduced me to Ashley.) So each successive CDC person has introduced the apartment to the next CDC person. I guess I am breaking the CDC-chain:)

I spent the rest of the day unpacking and relaxing. I checked in on the Daraja Academy blog, and saw that the school published a blog post about my Acumen Fund Photo of the Week blog post! So sweet!!! Check it out here.

Jackie and I watched the Americans win their quarterfinals game against France in the Women’s World Cup. Not a bad way to end my first full day in Nairobi:) I’m sure I’ll sleep well! The itchy throat has turned into a cold. At least not malaria:)

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