Monday, May 30, 2011

East Africa Day 13 (Thurs May 26): All is Well

The late morning found me pretty frustrated with Kenya’s government websites and the lack of information therein, and my own unfamiliarity with Kenya vocabluarly and research tools. My netbook is still in town – the freeware that my (used) netbook came with for internet servicing is causing problems and needs to be uninstalled. I should get the netbook back tomorrow.

Andy let me use his laptop this AM while he substitute taught English, and Wa let me use his laptop for the afternoon so that I could continue with the frustrating research:) At least I have a pretty view from my desk in the school’s office! That's my banda in the background.

Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging emails today! :) I have been repeating Steph’s mantra “All is well.” I encourage everyone to try it – it helped today:)

In the afternoon I found Teacher Charles and asked him to clarify a few things for me, that I’d taught myself via internet reading. It was a very helpful conversation – everyone here has been so encouraging.

I ran into one of the students on our way to dinner, and asked her what her favorite part of today was. She said learning about hydrocarbons in chemistry class, but that she also loves biology. I asked her about her dreams, and she said that she wants to be an opthamologist. I asked the student if she had ever been to the eye doctor. No, she had not. So I told her about my personal experiences at the eye doctor’s office, and my friends’ cateract laser surgeries. I wish that I had an issue of an opthamology magazine to give her – I’m sure she’d love it! Oh well. I’m making a mental list of stuff like this.

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